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Hair Regenerator Brush REDENHAIR


The HAIR REGENERATOR BRUSH is the new product by REDENHAIR designed to slow hair loss and stimulate the development of the hair follicle for strong, healthy hair growth. It massages the scalp with infrared light, accompanied by a microvibration that gradually dispenses HAIR REGENERATOR SERUM FORTE for optimum absorption of the active ingredients of its formula.

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[acc title="WHAT IS IT?"]

The HAIR REGENERATOR BRUSHby REDENHAIRis a latest-generation cordless device designed for people affected by hair loss. This innovative multi-function brush can be used in the comfort of your home, with the magic effect of notably reducing and even stopping hair loss, while stimulating growth of strong, healthy hair.

This system uses infrared (LED) and microvibrationsthat generate a massage to dispense the regenerator liquid contained in the brush toward the hair follicles. This liquid contains active ingredients that promote hair growth and maintain the hair's health and shine, so we recommend you use our HAIR REGENERATOR SERUM FORTE. Thus, thanks to the combination of concentrated active substances, this ensures the hair is revitalised, the blood flows correctly through the follicles and the metabolism is accelerated to obtain full hair regeneration.

Mechanism of action

The HAIR REGENERATOR BRUSH by REDENHAIRacts by diffusing a range of infrared (LED) emissions with a wavelength designed specially to be able to improve blood flow and accelerate the metabolism.

The two rows of rods with steel cannulas diffuse the regenerator liquid contained in the brush toward the hair's roots, accelerating the growth and development of the follicles to recover the hair's vitality. Similarly, it contains a device that massages using microvibration, so the hair regenerator liquid from the tank is applied to the scalp and the follicles can absorb the active substances and nutrients, thus promoting faster hair growth.


[acc title="DIRECTIONS FOR USE"]

Top up the liquid tank with 12 ml of HAIR REGENERATOR SERUM FORTE by REDENHAIR.

Press the ON button to start the vibration. Once it has been switched on, the microvibration massage will start and the regenerator liquid will be dispensed. If you wish to use the two functions simultaneously, press the infrared button to start the LED lights and illuminate the scalp. Then comb the scalp from front to back.

After use, is important to clean the comb carefully so as not to leave any dirt or hair that may have been detached during combing.

Use the comb for a maximum of 15 minutes at a time.

It is a cordless device, and it can be charged easily via a USB port.

This product is suitable for various types of alopecia such as seborrhoeic, aerata, physical and chemical and for people with postpartum or menopausal hair loss or due to health problems, blood clots or damaged hair follicles and roots.

The results and effects obtained in these cases, combining the HAIR REGENERATOR BRUSH with the HAIR REGENERATOR SERUM FORTE of REDENHAIR, are the following:

  • Seborrhoeic alopecia: the itching of the scalp is reduced and the grease that obstructs the hair follicle is reduced so they can develop normally and let the hair grow.
  • Alopecia aerata: a very significant reduction of the localised inflammation is achieved, enabling strong and healthy hair to grow in these areas once again.
  • Alopecia due to physical causes: it provides the nutrients necessary for the follicles to actively remain in the anagen phase (growth phase), thus letting healthy hair grow.
  • Alopecia due to chemical causes: the hair root is strengthened so it can recover from the damage received and thus combat hair loss, thanks to all the active substances and the action of the brush.
  • Postpartum/menopausal hair loss: it inhibits the enzymes that catalyse the formation of DHT, the hormone that is triggered in these stages and that can cause uncontrolled hair loss.


Do not use the brush while in the bath.

Do not use the appliance in the following cases: 

  • People with electrical devices in any part of the human body (for example a pacemaker)
  • People undergoing electrotherapy
  • People with metal, plastic or silicone gel implants in the body

The symbol IEC 60417 - 5582 indicates that this appliance must not be used near baths, showers, wash basins or other recipients containing water.


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