Redenhair Hair Thickener is made of plant-based keratin fibres. Other brands on the market offer fibres made from sheep wool that have the same electrostatic charge (positive) as human hair, so they tend to repel natural hair and thus do not intertwine with the same ease. Additionally, they tend to rest flat on the scalp.

This is not the case with Redenhair Hair Thickener fibres, as the plant-based keratin we use has the same structure as human hair but with a negative electrostatic charge. According to the physical laws of attraction, they attract and intertwine more naturally and give a better result.


Our fibres are completely free from colouring agents. They are created with natural colour from the start, so they will not fade over time, producing an ideal result.

Coloured fibres tend to fade or discolour and this could cause irritation and spots. There is no chance of this happening with Redenhair Hair Thickener. These are some of the studies carried out by our laboratory. REDENHAIR Hair Thickener fibres maintain the same colour even when immersed in water for over a week.

3. PH

Redenhair Hair Thickener has a pH of 4.6, similar to human skin. Even if it makes contact with your face or hand during application, it will not cause skin irritation.


Redenhair Hair Thickener is lighter and less dense than other fibres on the market. It has one fifth the density and weight of water. Thanks to this, the fibres can be distributed evenly along the hair and, being lighter, they do not fall off or create lumps on the hair.

Users of Redenhair Hair Thickener will not even notice they are using it and they will feel more comfortable. A larger, heavier fibre could clog the hair follicles and prevent the hair from breathing, which could cause scalp irritation.


REDENHAIR Hair Thickener fibres look like human hair, even in different lights, indoors or outdoors. And despite these changes, the fibres provide shinier hair, resulting in naturally denser rather than lifeless hair.

A large keratin fibre would slip down and obstruct the hair follicles, resulting in dull, dry-looking hair.


REDENHAIR Hair Thickening fibres have a stronger electrostatic charge, so they spread evenly across the scalp without creating lumps.

After they are applied to the hair, they adhere to it and stay in the middle rather than on the surface or the scalp. Thus, the hair looks denser and more natural and the look lasts longer.


REDENHAIR Hair Thickening fibres are made from pure natural plant extracts.

The main ingredients are:

• Plant resin fibre;

• Keratin derivatives;

• Anti-static agent;

• Ammonium bicarbonate.

It does not contain any antibacterial agents or preservatives, so it has no side effects. Long-term use is completely safe.


REDENHAIR Hair Thickening fibres are longer and thinner. Therefore, they are easy to conceal. However, they can be seen with a 100X magnification microscope.

This is important, as it shows how the hair will look after using this product. After application, they are hard to tell apart from real hair.

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Our containers have been patented and specifically designed to withstand moisture and to distribute the fibres evenly.

  • 1. Dosing cap: Keeps moisture out. Moreover, the cap is easy to remove and is therefore not too tight and does not leak.
  • 2. Conical holes: This serves to distribute the fibres better, because some holes are bigger than others. The fibres remain separate from one another as they are applied. An additional benefit: if the fibres have become compacted for some reason, they can be separated by shaking the container.
  • 3. The containers are made of plastic. They can be used for a long time, as they do not crack or break.
  • 4. Anti-moisture protector: Each container has a moisture-proof sheet. Even after opening the container, the sheet will protect the fibres from moist air.

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