For how long should I take REDENHAIR?

You should continue to take REDENHAIR for as long as its beneficial effects on the hair are visible. Hair care is a habit that must be kept up. Like any health or cosmetic problem, changing or reducing the treatment will also change or reduce the results.

At what rate does hair grow?

Hair grows at a rate of approximately 1 centimetre a month and 12 centimetres a year.

How long will it take to see results?

After the first application you will start to see the first results in terms of your hair's hydration, softness and shine.

In terms of density, you will start to see results after 3 months, although the time is generally significantly longer, as the hair follicles undergo a relatively long latency period between growth cycles (generally around 3 months).

What’s more, hair grows approximately 1 centimetre a month in areas where there is no thinning and generally much less in areas where the hair is thinning.

What happens if one day I forget to take a capsule or apply the tonic?

It’s very important to stick to a routine. Not taking the recommended dose for one day does not significantly reduce its beneficial effect, which is cumulative, but in order to achieve optimum results it is very important to apply Redenhair tonic each day and take 2 capsules a day.

Can hair grow back?

Hair can grow back provided there are hair follicles present.

To ensure a good head of hair it is important to maintain our hair follicles, as each of them can generate a hair in the anagen phase.

Redenhair's formula nourishes the hair follicles, helping hair to grow on the scalp.

Is it bad for my hair to wash every day?

Your hair does not fall out more if you wash it every day. In fact, one of the reasons hair falls out is a build-up of grease, and that can only be solved by washing it. By washing it you get rid of environmental dirt and flaky skin. As for how often, we need to be logical about it, which is very simple: Wash it when it's dirty!

It is absolutely essential that the formulation of the shampoo we use is sulphate-free, as is the case of Redenhair. The problem with sulphates is that their cleansing action is so strong that it removes not just dirt, but also the hair's essential oils, leaving it lifeless.

Can I take REDENHAIR capsules if I’m gluten intolerant or celiac?

REDENHAIR capsules do not contain any ingredients or additives that contain gluten in their composition and therefore celiacs can take them without any risk.

Most common types of alopecia

Androgenic alopecia or mail-pattern baldness

This type of hair loss is caused by male hormones and hereditary factors, which act on the hair follicles and cause their progressive miniaturisation, eventually resulting in atrophy.

Diffuse alopecia

Diffuse hair loss is not just limited to certain parts of the head; hair is shed from all over the scalp. This type of hair loss looks different to the characteristic appearance of male-pattern baldness or alopecia areata.

There are several possible causes of diffuse hair loss, including disease, poor diet, stress, hormonal changes and side effects of certain drugs.

The hair growth cycle

It has three phases:

  1. Anagen or active growth phase: the hair is in the growth phase. It lasts for 2 to 6 years; 3 years on average..
  2. Catagen phase or transitional stage: the hair stops growing and “rests” for three weeks.
  3. Telogen or resting phase: the hair is pushed upwards and replaced by another hair, i.e. the “dead” hair leaves room for a new hair that will take its place. This process is repeated over the years. This phase lasts for 3 months.

88% of an adult's hair is in the anagen phase, 1% in the catagen phase and 11% in the telogen phase.

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