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  • Reduces grey hair gradually and significantly
  • First and only complete anti-greying treatment on the market
  • Visible and natural-looking results in just two months
  • Replaces commonly used products
  • Reverts the colour of grey hair which still has melanin
  • Promotes hair growth and the development of hair follicles
  • Avoids hair loss thanks to its elaborate combination of formulations
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Formulated with:

  • 2% GREYVERSE®, awarded the best hair ingredient of 2018 for its anti-greying action
  • 0.5% REDENSYL®, awarded the most innovative ingredient for its ability to preserve capillary health
  • 0.5% TRICO-HYAL® NUCLEUS, a cross-linked hyaluronic acid which provides excellent antioxidant capacity
  • 0.5% BIOFUNCTIONAL CHROMAFEND™, a flax extract which protects melanin from hair follicles
  • 0.5% MELITANE™, a biomimetic peptide which induces the formation of melanin in melanocytes
  • 50 mg CATALASE, the above antioxidant which prevents the process of grey hair formation and reverses hair ageing
  • 2000 mg COPPER, the essential trace element which limits greying since it is an essential component of the pigment melanin
  • 10 mg ZINC, the fundamental mineral for maintaining capillary health thanks to its role in preserving the protein structure of the hair

The ANTI GREY HAIR LOTION is an innovative product from REDENHAIR, formulated to reverse the hair's greying process thanks to its main active substance, GREYVERSE®, recognised for its great capacity to naturally and simply return hair to its natural colour.


REDENHAIR ANTI-GREY SHAMPOO is the new product by REDENHAIR designed to prevent the greying process of the hair thanks to its natural formula with ingredients that are gentle on the hair and its main active ingredient, GREYVERSE™, recognised for its significant ability to give hair back its natural colour as simply and as gently as possible.


REDENHAIR ANTI-GREY HAIR WITH CATALASE AND COPPER REDENHAIR ANTI-GREY HAIR is an innovative nutrition supplement designed to fight grey hair and restore hair’s original colour. Grey hair results when there is a catalase deficiency in the body, which produces a chain reaction that becomes in the appearance of grey hair.

ADN COMUNITY S.L. Reviews with
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